Wedding FAQ

Wedding FAQ

Thank you for booking your Wedding with us, we are looking forward to sharing your special day and will do our best to meet your expectations. Please find below a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

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Our head offices are at the Blue Lagoon Resort, therefore, regardless to where your Wedding will take place, all items & documents should be forwarded to the above address.
1. How can I book my Wedding with you?
2. How many Wedding do you do per day?
3. What days are available for a Wedding?
4. Once at the Hotel
4.1 Do we meet someone in order to discuss the Wedding Arrangements?
5. Town Hall
5.1 Why do we need to go to the Town Hall?
5.2 What needs to be done as preparation?
5.3 What happens at the Town Hall?
6. Wedding day
6.1 What happens on the day?
7. External guests and entry passes (for our hotels which are All – Inclusive)
7.1 Can my guests who are staying in other hotels attend my Wedding? Do they have to pay? And if so, how much?
8. Ceremony
8.1 What does the decoration of the Ceremony Venue include?
9. Extras
9.1 Flowers
9.1.1 What is included in our package?
9.1.2 Can we upgrade?
9.2 Cake
9.2.1 What is included in our package?
9.2.2 What options do we have?
9.2.3 Can we upgrade?
9.2.4 Can we have our cake decorated?
9.3 Music
9.3.1 Can we have music for walking down the aisle?
9.3.2 Is there music for our Wedding Reception?
9.3.3 Can we hire a DJ?
9.4 Photography
9.5 Hairstyling & Make Up
9.6 Wedding Reception
9.6.1 Where can we have our Wedding Reception?
9.6.2 Is there a dress code?
9.6.3 What does the charge for the Wedding Reception include? Is there any decoration?
9.6.4 Can we extend our Wedding Reception?
10. Payment
10.1 When do we pay for our extras?
10.2 How can we pay?
11. Other questions
11.1 Can we use confetti during or after the Ceremony?
11.2 Are there any discounts for children?
11.3 How do I get my room upgrade?