The Farm
Our Organic Treasures

The gifted soil of the estate

The Oceanis Farm came into reality in 2012 when the hotel's owner decided to fulfil his passion about agriculture and merge it with his second passion, hospitality. Following his ancestors' knowledge on agriculture, he decided to cultivate his father's farm with some common vegetables, like courgettes, lettuces, cucumbers and tomatoes. The gifted soil of the estate offered a total cultivation of approximately 28 tones which was not robust enough to supply all of our produce needs, but it was a great start. Five years later, in 2017, the farm has expanded rapidly both in variety and in size, covering 215 acres and cultivating 45 different types of plants, ranging from traditional Greek fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes, onions and lettuces to exotic fruits, like mangos, passion fruits, prickly pears and bananas. The total production of 2018 was 185 Tones, giving us the privilege to offer to our valued guests an experience of eating fresh raw materials in great quality throughout the season. The production of 2021, based on data until September, is estimated to be even greater, almost at 240 Tones.


Our philosophy

Planting our own fruits and vegetables gives us the opportunity to control the products used to our restaurants and to provide greater variety, freshness and taste to our guests. Consuming organically grown food is the only way to avoid chemical poisonous substances present in commercially grown food. It is our firm belief that investing on planting organic fruits and vegetables is a direct vote for a sustainable future for the many generations to come.


Extra virgin olive oil & Organic wines

The Oceanis Farm also produces extra virgin olive oil, produced from century-old olive trees of the "koroneiki" variety, which is used in all our restaurants. This year's produce has been the greatest of all times, with the amazing acidity of 0.4. Our wine, Drosou Estate wine, is produced in our vineyards close to the city hills. Our red wine comes from Syrah & Merlotvarieties while our white wine is made from the marriage of the fruity sauvignon blanc and the crispy Assyrtiko.


Vegan wine

Apart from our own wine, the wine lists of the hotel's restaurants consist of local wines of Kos. Our local suppliers maintain our environmental policy standards, cultivating with traditional methods of complete organic cultivation of low-acre yield. By respecting the Greek winery tradition and applying the most innovative scientific method of wine production, they offer to our guests excellent wine choices. Moreover, one of our local suppliers is the only organic vineyard cultivation in the Dodecanese county which can be also consumed by vegans, as it is always bottled unfiltered.


Taste our freshly-made juices

This year we also organize every Saturday a smoothie class, where we offer to our guests freshly-made juices and smoothies, with our own fruit production, like watermelon juice with aloe vera and prickly pear smoothie, aiming to deliver to our guests a unique experience of trying healthy recipes with organically grown fruit.